First International Conference of Young Urban Researchers (FICYUrb)
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Conference Organizers and Key Partners

Sponsoring Organization
    CIES - Centre for Research and Studies in Sociology

    Graça índias Cordeiro (dir)
    Profesor / CIES-ISCTE

    João Pedro Nunes (org)
    Researcher / IEDS-FCSH/UNL

    Inês Pereira (org)
    Researcher / CIES-ISCTE

    Lígia Ferro (org)
    Researcher / CIES-ISCTE / ISFLUP-UP

    Rita Cachado (org)
    Researcher / CIES-ISCTE

    Candido Gonçalo Gonçalves (org)
    Researcher / CIES-ISCTE

Principal Contact

    Avenida das Forças Armadas,1649-026 Lisboa (Portugal)
    Phone: +351.217903077
    Fax: +351.217940074

Technical Contact
    FICYUrb - Organization

PKP Technical Contact
    PKP Bug Reporting System

Funding and In-Kind Contributors
    Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia

    Fundação Luso-Americana

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