4th International Seminar of Positive Occupational Health Psychology
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Overview of the Conference
Brief History:

→ In 2007, the Research Institute for Psychology & Health, coordenated by Prof. Wilmar Schaufeli from the Utrecht University in the Netherlands, organized a seminar where students, practitioners, and researchers from different parts of Europe and South Africa exchanged research interests and ideas that are currently at the forefront of Positive Occupational Health Psychology.

→ In 2008 the second edition was hosted by the WoNT Research Team at the University Jaume I in Valencia. This team is coordenated by Prof. Marisa Salonova.

→ In 2009 the third edition took place in Trondheim, Norway, and it was the result of the synergy of a team from different institutions.

→ In 2010 it is our intention to promote the fourth edition of this important event that has gained ground in the formation of doctoral and master candidates.

→ To provide an overview of the emerging field of positive occupational health psychology.
→ To outline the theoretical frameworks underlying processes and empirical findings related to the area.
→ To discuss recent theoretical and empirical advances in the field.
→ To discuss research methods, measurement issues, and practical implications of positive occupational health psychology.
→ To provide an opportunity for learning, creating important research connections, and networking.
→ To discuss the research of the participants in a personalized way.

Main themes:
→ Work engagement
→ Positive interventions at work
→ Healthy and resilient organizations
→ The Conservation of Resources theory (COR)
→ The Job Demands-Resources theory (JD-R)
→ Critical views on the development of positive psychology
→ Occupational Health Psychology methodological research

Discussion will focus on research methods, measurement issues, and practical implications of positive occupational health psychology.

Seminar Format:
Keynote speakers will be first in their research presentations and will supervise participants in a group workshop. Workshops aim to discuss recent theoretical and empirical advances in the field as well as participantsí posters.

Participants are invited to present their research and/or their research ideas in a poster format. These interactive sessions will strongly rely on the active input from participants and the teaching staff. Therefore, we encourage all participants to prepare a poster presentation for the seminar in order to enhance networking.

The organizing committee would like that this seminar work as a oportunity to authors to publish their work. In this regard, we invite authors to submit the full paper of their work. The papers will be submitted to a peer-revision and will be published in actas formate or in a specific number of a thematic review of the specialty.
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