4th International Seminar of Positive Occupational Health Psychology
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Maria José Chambel, FPCE-UL
Employees Wellbeing: The Role of Human Resource Management

Chiara Consiglio, Department of Psychology, University of Rome Sapienza
Laura Borgogni, Department of Psychology, University of Rome Sapienza
Guido Alessandri, Faculty of Psychology 2, University of Rome Sapienza
Self-efficacy, job satisfaction and absenteeism. A multilevel study on call centre handlers.

The role of autonomy support and work engagement in job satisfaction and proactivity: A study in the Portuguese financial industry

Sarah-Jane Cullinane, Business School, Dublin City University
Janine Bosak, Business School, Dublin City University
Patrick Flood, Business School, Dublin City University
Evangelia Demerouti, Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences, Human Performance Management Group, University of Technology, Eindhoven
The Mediating Role of Work Engagement on the Relationship between Lean Manufacturing and Unit-Level Performance

Maria Joćo Cunha, ISMAI
Andreia Sousa, ISMAI
Joćo Pereira, ISMAI
Health and wellbeing in Portuguese Pre-hospital Emergency volunteers: An intervention model based on promotion of personal and organizational resources.

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