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Laura Vescina

Experiences from periphery, a critical appropriation of the urban project in Latin-American cities

Laura Vescina

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     Last modified: March 15, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/11/2007 11:30 AM in ISCTE-II C201
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The culture of the urban project, transplanted and translated in the Latin-American city, is contested raising new questions: How to deal with the double agenda it is confronted: on one side the demands of global competition, on the other the pending claims of distribution of a minimal urbanity?

In tune with an international practice most of the urban projects that dominated urbanism in Latin America during the 90’s haven been focused on the re-qualification of public space and the re-habilitation of central areas, projects with strong emphasis on the construction of a new image, some kind of “post-card urbanism”, oriented to position the city in a context of regional and global competition.

Resulting in a growing duality between privileged and relegated areas, critics, urbanists and local governments are looking for complementary and alternative strategies that, without denying the complexity and contradictions of contemporary cities, could integrate broader social and economic dimensions. They are interventions that benefit from contaminations and borrowings from international theories and at the same time try to give specific solutions to the context they are attending.

How to install the urban project in peripheral areas How to negotiate between market forces and principles of solidarity and re-distribution? Which is the role of urban design?

The analyzed cases, far from being an exhausted documentation of the Latin-American experience, they are just a sample that collects some strategies, their possibilities and limitations, located in some cities in Brazil and Argentina.

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