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Manas Murthy

The Role of Community Centres in Slum Upgradation

Manas Murthy
Sushant School of Art & Architecture, GGSIPU, Delhi

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     Last modified: May 15, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/12/2007 2:30 PM in ISCTE-II C202
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This paper seeks to examine the role of Community Development in Slum Upgradation. The paper also investigates how the Community Centre is instrumental in supporting community development. While, the UNCHS establishes specific guidelines for slum upgradation, it needs to be further analyzed whether it is infrastructure and facilities or socio-economic empowerment that actually affects desirable change. The study derives the nature of relationships between these three integral dimensions of Slum Improvement and how they reinforce each other.

Community Centres, therefore act as centres for supervision and execution of Community Development. Through this community development the Slum Upgradation occurs. While, the use of local culture enhances these efforts.

To study this relationship in a site specific instance, Katha Khazana, a
Community Centre established in an urban slum at Govindpuri in Delhi, had been selected.

This study is therefore considerably relevant for designers, as it explains why absolute redevelopment fails to address the socio-psychological aspects of the lives of the poor. Whereas certain ‘non-building’ practices, succeed in improving community life intrinsically.

The paper follows in detail, the community development initiatives taken up by Katha Khazana in the upgradation of Govindpuri slums. It evaluates their impact on social factors like, education, empowerment and social evils and economic factors like, employment and credit.

The results show that Katha Khazana has made a significant contribution to the Upgradation of Govindpuri slums through community development initiatives, yet does not fully utilize culture in the form of a catalyst.

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