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Ricardo Cardoso

Who are we, the planners?

Ricardo Cardoso

Nasser Abou-Rahme

Melissa Bello

Julie Crespin

Jordi Sanchez-Cuenca

Chris Jasko

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     Last modified: June 12, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/12/2007 10:00 AM in ISCTE-II C103
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Urban development planning is a political activity with vast transformative potentials. It can generate change in both spatial and socio-economic configurations. Planners, as professionals with a wide range of capacities and powers working within the constraints of contemporary political economies, are in that sense agents of change with a considerably important role in the processes of urban transformation. The primary aim of this paper is to reflect on that role and the nature of urban development planning as a professional activity.

Reflecting collectively on our different positions as thinkers and practitioners of urban development planning, we will reason on common grounds of understanding over the fundamental conditions determining the work of planners, the challenges they face, the choices they must make and the possibilities of action. The objective of our paper is to present a roughly designed epistemology of practice for planners seeking to change the world, as well as themselves.

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