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Eduardo Ferreira

Ponta Delgada: ethnography of a new centrality and the place of the urban public space

Eduardo Ferreira
Department of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences

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     Last modified: March 16, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/11/2007 4:30 PM in ISCTE-II C104
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Within a framework concerning mutation of middle size cities, this paper, in a first moment, intends to present the main lines that define a new centrality on Ponta Delgada, which is a result of the peripheral growth process that this city goes through, since the eighties. Underlining the evident flow character of this new centrality and its clear component of collective spaces with a private nature, we will discuss, in a second moment, the effective possibility to find in it some of the traditional urban public space characteristics. This will lead, in sum, to deconstruct the thesis of the “inevitable crisis” that reaches this kind of spaces.

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