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Ines Jemric

Is national identity on the wane? Research results of Croatian student population

Ines Jemric
Cultural Management Department, College for Business and Man

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     Last modified: June 7, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/11/2007 4:30 PM in ISCTE-II B201
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National identity is perceived to be the most important form of collective identity. Since the project of European integration began, the issue of national identity and its destiny become one of the most important issues on the scientific agenda. The issue of national identity (de) construction, thesis on the end of nation-state and forming new, supranational, European identity, are issues that go alongside with the process of European integration. Possibility of European identity is seen as directly opposed to the existing national identities. Furthermore, the growth of globalizing tendencies in economy, media, culture and communication has diminished the significance of national boundaries and produced cosmopolitan character of society. Under the influence of globalization social and political structures like nation-state and national identity are apparently changing. But, at the same time we are witnessing the revival of nationalism even when the globalizing trends are more and more present.
The main premise of this paper is that the national identification possesses distinct advantages over the idea of European identity. This premise is confirmed by research conducted on a random sample on different faculties of the University in Zagreb in which the author analyzed attitudes of Croatian student population towards their own nation, constitutive elements of national identity and European integration process.
The results indicate somewhat ambivalent picture of student population where euro-skepticism is blended with openness towards other cultures. This reflects to a certain extent the impact that the integration process in the EU has on Croatian society.

Key words: nation, national identity, European identity, European integration, Croatia

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