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adedayo adesina

The Informal Economics And Challenges Of Urbanization In The Twenty First Century

adedayo adesina
Geography, university of ibadan, nigeria

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     Last modified: March 5, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/11/2007 11:30 AM in ISCTE-II C104
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Abstract: Since the pioneering studies of the international labour organization IN 1972, the informal sector has received tremendous attention in the literature. The size of informal sector in African is, of course, a direct measure of the failure of socio-economic policies of African state. This paper seek to explore the danger of falling into an “ artisinal trap’ of enduring low productivity and income in African cities as attributed to dead of capital. These informal economics accounted for as high as 75% of the employment in most African urban centers but as low as 25% of the value added. This has been identified as formidable obstacles in the fight against urban poverty and development. The paper therefore espouse a shift in paradigm on urban economy and development policy toward ensuring a sustainable framework to empowering local urban entrepreneurs in such a way capable of providing a lever with which to lift the continent out of poverty and underdevelopment.
Keywords: Informal Sector, Urbanization, Africa, Poverty Reduction.

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