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Grzegorz Masik

Local policy versus quality of life in the suburban area of Tri-City Agglomeration.

Grzegorz Masik
Economic Geography, University of Gdansk

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     Last modified: May 22, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/12/2007 10:00 AM in ISCTE-II C103
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Policy led on local level should help to solve issues of local society. The policy should contribute to improve quality of life of inhabitants as well.

Aim of the research conducting since 2006 is analysing budget expenditures (mainly on investments) in rural areas of suburban zone of Tri-City Agglomeration (Gdansk Agglomeration). At conference some data from budget reports will be presented in order to compare expenditures in four-year period.

Quality of life can be understood as well-being from many aspects of life. In this research I took into consideration these aspects (especially spatial issues) for which to some extent local government in Poland are responsible.

I conducted the survey in the suburban area on random sample of 800 respondents. Group of people that was taken into research has moved in the suburban zone after 1990. The most aware inhabitants of their needs answered the questions about some aspects of life. The questions ware about housing policy, public transportation, road infrastructure, protection of nature, environment and cultural offer.

Conclusions answer to question: From which part of local policy inhabitants are the most and the least content. Results from the survey have been compared with investments expenditures of local governments in order to verify policy and inhabitants needs.

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