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Pang Hing Wong

Port Co-opetition and Governance in Greater Pearl River Delta Logistics

Pang Hing Wong
Department of Geography and Resource Management

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     Last modified: May 16, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/12/2007 4:30 PM in ISCTE-II C103
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There is a close economic relationship between PRD (Pearl River Delta) and Hong Kong formed under globalization. Hong Kong is a leading financial and trading centre while PRD is known as the world factory. Both the ports in Hong Kong and Shenzhen serve the global logistics of the region with large scale import and export. Yet, the intensifying globalization linkages among cities are changing the relationship between ports in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Economic integration between Hong Kong and its hinterland calls for a closer cooperation on cross-border infrastructure development plans and also a rethinking of the spatial development strategy at the regional level. We can understand the inter-city relations in the case of port development and foresee the need of future.
The first part of this paper is concerned with regional development. Embedded in two different economic and political backgrounds, the role of the two city governments in port development is quite different. This study attempts to investigate the interaction of the two governments and changes in the process. Would Hong Kong be adversely affected by or benefit from the rise of Shenzhen port? This interesting issue will be investigated. The second part is concerned with the possible strategies of the sustainable regional port development. Based on co-opetition, this study tries to find out the role of three stakeholders: shippers and consignees, terminal operators, and governments based on interview and fieldwork.

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