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Maryam Mogouei

Residential conflict and social inequality in the old city of Tehran

Maryam Mogouei

Azadeh Lak

Pantea Hakimian

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     Last modified: March 15, 2007
     Presentation date: 06/11/2007 11:30 AM in ISCTE-II C201
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One of the most important features of Tehran after the Second World War was the growth of population and enlarging the city. Enlarging city and population growth has resulted in the accumulated public services and thronging of traffic at the city center and also disruption of cultural memory and identity of the old city. Now Tehran has lost the focuses that can introduce its urban identity. These focuses existed till thirty years ago when the population was about one fifth of the present and they contained all the civic functions and activities like shopping centers, offices, cultural centers and main social institutions. The result of this situation has been the decay, pollution, increasing population, chaos and ugliness of city center and also its public open spaces replaced by built spaces.

According to the gathering of civic activities and administrational functions in the city center, this area is polluted and crowded. So, the residential context in this area have faced with the migration of middle and wealthy classes families, economic and social decline of its residents and as a result decay and decrease of physical environment quality.

This paper will search the reason of this qualitative decline, urban social inequality, conflict and finally will recommend guidelines to revive vitality in residential areas in the old context of Tehran.

Key words: urban identity, city center, built space, social inequality

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